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Previous Guests of the Show

Headgames has been honored to host such guests as Phil Simms, Charles Barkley, Tony Benshoof and others. Below are some of the best interviews and highlighted guests from our show.

Ron Jaworski

The Professor of Passing

QB Reads

The Comeback


Adaptive Teams

Monday Night

Offensive Timing

Skins off Line

Sam Huff

Hall of Famer Sam Huff.

Coach to Protect

No Huddle Offense

Ben Rothlisberger

West Coast Offense

Too Many Coaches

Brad Johnson

Howard Balzer

National Columnist Howard Balzer.

Early Starts


NE Post Branch

NY Giants

Favre's Season

Rams Game One
Rams Game

Seth Joyner

Three time Pro-Bowler Seth Joyner.

Defense The Key

Jags Defense


Taking off Play

Luis Gonzales
Deon Branch


Raider's Woes

San Diego

Buffalo's Loss

Road Victories

Favre as a Mentor
Quarterback Keys

Dick Vermeil

Retired Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, Dick Vermeil joined Nick on the Headgames Radio Show. Here are some Highlights.

Full Interview

Monday Night Football

QB Timing

Raiders WRs

The Raiders

The Past

Seth Joyner

Trent Green
Dick Vermeil show
Age and Performance
As a Leader
Getting Older
Full Interview
Branch Situation

Kevin Harlan

CBS’s Kevin Harlan’s Exclusive full interview

Full Interview

A. Rod\

Broadcast Career


Packers Days

USA Basketball

Tiger's Drive

Paul Zimmerman

Sports Illustrated's "Dr. Z" Paul Zimmerman

Complete Interview
NFL Talk

Vikings Problem
Segment 2
Factors of Winning

Christian Okoye

Unquestionably the most powerful runner ever to wear the Red and Gold, nicknamed “The Nigerian Nightmare”, doled out plenty of punishment during his six seasons with Kansas City and powered his way to the most rushing yards (4,897) in Chiefs history.


Curtis Martin


Missing Preseason

Richard Dent


Ric Bucher

ESPN's Ric Bucher



Foreign Players


NBA Style

Pros Vs. Amateur

Suns Style

Team USA

USA Vs. Italy
On Grant Hill and the Orlando Magic

Rich Cimini

NY Daily New’s Rich Cimini

NY Jets


NY vs NE Recap

QB and Injury

NE Chances
On the Jets and other NFL teams

James Kreindler

Chairman of the Plaintiff’s Committee suing Libyan terrorists, and Co Chair of the 9/11 Plaintiffs suing the financiers of Al Quaeda on Justice Under Extreme Pressure: The Bombing of Pan Am/ Lockerbie and 9/11

Full Show

Gov Effectiveness



The Indicted


Stephone Paige

Former NFL Single–game Receiving Yardage Record Holder Chiefs’ Stephone Paige

Setting The Record Straight

Being the Number 2 Receiver

Game Speed

Dr. James Colthurst

Unfolding Mystery of Princess Diana’s death

Blarney Castle

Trained Users


Floyd Landus

Healing Scar Tissue

How Fenzian Works

Johnny Sauter

Nascar’s top Busch series only driver

Keep It Together


Holly's Crew

Role Models

Preparing Road

Michael Wilbon

A pioneer sports columnist who has successfully crossed mediums into the field of television, is an original co-host for ESPN's Pardon the Interruption.

Full Interview


Joyner Story

NFL Pension

Segment 1
Segment 2

Jim Beattie

Baseball Great Jim Beattie

Beattie with Joyner - Full Interview
Final Comments

Wildcard Race

Young GMs

Gary McCord

CBS Golf’s Gary McCord on Mickelson’s Masters’

Gary as a NFL Coach

Father Figure

Records and Effect

Tiger and Confidence


Full Interview


Dr Carlos Hamilton


Landis Sabotage

Research Better

Screening Work


Rick Gosselin

Dallas Morning News’ NFL Expert Rick Gosselin in the AFC Central




AFC Talk

Joe Brown

NFL Commissioner

Owners and Power
Segment 1

Dwight Stones

Early Lessons

90% Mental

John Nabor

Overcoming Failure


Growing Up

Not an Individual Sport

Unique Lessons


Mark Schmidt

Raiders Coaching

Trade Culture

Clemens and Age


Hit Batsmen

Media and Sande

The Record

The Risk

Michael Josephson

 Founder of  Character Counts




School Board

What's Missing

Jim Thompson

 From the Positive Coaching Alliance

Baby Steps

Double Goal

John Wooden


Baby Steps

Double Goal

Mike D' Antoni

Phoenix Sun's Coach Mike D' Antoni

Business Aspect

A Big Moments

on Dallas

on the Heat

Top Players


Tony Spinosa

Assistant Conditioning Coach for the Redskins

Training Evolved

Gene Upshaw

NFL Players Executive Director Gene Upshaw

Both Sides

Other Means

Testing Progress

The Old Ways

Peter Gammons

Baseball Legend Peter Gammons

The Right Thing


Enhancing Drugs

Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Soul's World-Renowned author Jack Canfield

Sustain Behavior

Self Esteem


Growing Up

Dreams Evolve

Marv Levy

Marv Levy - NFL Hall of Fame Head Coach: Led the Buffalo Bills to 4 Super Bowls. How he learned to overcome his first firing and turn Super Bowl disappointments into profound insight into real success. That the individuals ability to work as part of a team is one of the crucial criteria and challenges for today’s athletes and high achievers.

Full Interview from 9-11-06

Avoiding the Media

Back in the Media

Big Brother

Bruce Smith

Functional Age

Individual Response

Keys in Buffalo

Lebron Leadership
Segment 1

Solomon Wilcots

Solomon Wilcots played safety and cornerback for the Bengals from 1987-'90. He is a former ESPN reporter and is currently a NFL analyst for CBS.


Chad Johnson

Deacon Branch


Palmer's Return

Chad Johnson


On coaches taking power away from QBs
On current NFL QBs
On Grosmen vs team injuries
On lack of focus like Moss

Wilcotts with Eric Byrnes

Luis Gonzalez

Diamondbacks World Series Hero Luis Gonzales

Find Balance

High School

Healthy Hazing


The Team

Israel Gutierrez

Writer for the Miami Herald Israel Gutierrez.

Winning Culture

On D' Antoni

Miami Vs. Suns

Miami Coaching


Tom Chambers

Sun's Legend Tom Chambers

Phoenix Must Shoot

The Suns: Now Vs. Then

Rubiks Cube

Coaching Today

Steve Nash

Small Suns

Suns Toughness



Mike Hitchcock

GM of Major League Soccer's FC Dallas

Primary Goals

Sports Landscape
Advice to MLB
Setting Standards

On Industry
Next Level

More Scoring

Jerry Kramer

Packer's Legend Jerry Kramer


Overdoing It


SB Ring

Final Thoughts

Luis Gonzalez

Diamondback's Star Player Luis "Gonzo" Gonzalez

Find Balance

Healthy Hazing

High School

Healthy Hazing


The Team

James Welch

CEO of Yellow Transportation and NASCAR racing team

The Crash




Raja Bell

Phoenix Sun's Sensation Raja Bell

Bell on Keeping Focus

Bell on Suns Family

James Jones

Phoenix Sun's James Jones

Funnest Team

Segment 3
Changes over the last month
Teammates as family
Return of Stodemire
Suns finding themselves late in the season

Vinny Del Negro

Former NBA Star, Vinny Del Negro

Suns Spirit

On Thomas

The Phoenix Suns

on Kobe Bryant

Stepping Up

Suns Spirit

on Thomas

Segment 1
Segment 2

On Nash playing well with the rest of the Suns
Stoudemire Marion combo
Suns changes in the last few weeks
Suns conditioning


Ben Davidson

Oakland Raiders legend Ben Davidson

Bell Suspension


Violent Sports

George Vecsey

New York Times Sports Writer George Vecsey

On Soccer

Coach Control
Increasing Violence

Media Influences
NCAA Creates Culture

Duke Lacrosse

Julie Foudy

International Soccer Sensation Julie Foudy

Decision Making

Sports Background

Reality of Sports

Passion of Sports

Overcoming Problems

World Cup Team

Gauge Your Kids
Segment 1 with Julie Foudy
Women in sports
Womens Sports Foundation

Bill Polian

Indy Colt's General Manager Bill Polian

Clutch Kickers

Gauging Talent

Fresh New Season

On Manning

On Levy
Full Interview

Jan Stenerud

Hall of Famer Jan Stenerud


John Clayton

ESPN Analyst and Commentator John Clayton

The Draft
Carson Palmer
Trade Talks
Wash Trades

Tony Meola

Legendary Soccer Goalie Tony Meola

Italian Team

Czech Team
Place on Team

US Bounce Back

Why Not There

Al Saunders

Redskins Offensive Genius Al Saunders
     On the Chiefs

    HOF Coaches

Free Agent

On D Snyder

On Harrington

2006 Offense
Get Enough


What Change

Offense Concerns on Gibbs

Full Segment
The Redskins

Bob Glauber

Newsday's Bob Glauber

Carroll and USC

Draft Picks NY

Gibbs Outpaced

On Bush

On Harrington

On Mannings

On Pete Carroll
Segment 3 with Bob Glauber Len Dawson and Sam Huff
Labor Law
Protecting Play
Today's Pension


Tim Brandt

ABC's Tim Brandt

On Pete Carroll Part 1

On Pete Carroll Part 2

On Harrington

Adam Vinatieri

Super Bowl Kicker Adam Vinatieri

Early Years

On Belichick
Stick with it



Pat Mcinally

Former Cincinnati Bengal Pat Mcinally


Extra Curricular

On Testing


Test Types

Testing Coaches

Charles Barkley

The Incomparable Sir Charles Barkley

Full Interview Part 1

Full Interview Part 2
Post Career Roles

Origins of Self Confidence

Biggest Mistake
The Offensive Line
Miami Football Suspensions
Best Advice to Struggling Players
The Present NBA
Todays Young NBA Stars
Stoudemire and the Suns

TO and Comparing the NFL and NBA

Debbie Meyer

Olympian Debbie Meyer

     Coming Back

Girls and Boys  

Female Stereotypes

Loves to Help

On Injuries

When to Quit


Pete Carroll

Exclusive Interview with Pete Carroll, Head Coach for USC Football

Full Interview

Jeremy Schaap

ESPN anchor and national correspondent Jeremy Schaap

Witch Hunt

On Players

Bonds Tough Season

Bonds on Bonds

2006 Baseball Season


Anquan Boldin

Arizona Cardinals Anquan Boldin

Suns Inspiring

The Love
Cheap Shots

Coaches Role

Core Leadership

Green Attitude

Marc Iavaroni

Phoenix Suns Coach.

Chemistry & Amare
NBA Playoffs
Preparing for Playoffs


Kyle Macy

Sun's Legend Kyle Macy
Final Four Memories
A Team's Talent
On GM Feeling Pressure

Bill Self

Head Coach of Kansas University Bil Self

On Matchups

Smaller Schools

State of Basketball


Joe Dwyer

Collegeinsider.com's Joe Dwyer

Bond's Witch Hunt


Mid Majors

March Madness


NCAA Preview

The Suns


Gus Williams

Sonics Legend Gus Williams

Complete Interview


Mark Turgeon

Wichita State Basketball Coach Mark Turgeon

on Coaches

His Team

His Conference

Psych Underdog

Upcoming Game


John Demartini

Dr Demartini, international speaker, author and business consultant, is reshaping modern psychology and business philosophy. He is the founder of The Demartini Foundation and The Concourse of Wisdom School, one of the worlds largest personal and professional development organizations, and as a retired chiropractor, researcher, writer and philosopher, his studies have made him a leading expert in health and human potential.
Fundamental Conflict  

Tony Dungy

AFC Coach of the year Tony Dungy

Full Interview Part 1
Full Interview Part 2
Full Interview Part 3
Full Interview

Achieve Balance

Blocking It Out


Equating Emotion


Loss of Son

Marcus Allen

Josh Byrnes

Former Boston Red Sox Assistant General Manager and Arizona Diamondbacks new General Manager.

Full Interview Part 1
Full Interview Part 2
Full Interview Part 3

Full Interview Part 4

Full Interview Part 5

Full Interview Part 6
Torre and Playing
with the Stars

Herman Edwards

Herman Edwards’ leadership style is a unique combination of honesty, innovation, motivation and trust. He applies a wealth of knowledge gleaned from years of playing the game at the highest level, combined with having learned the intricacies of the game from some of the most astute people in the National Football League, such as Kansas City’s Dick Vermeil and Indianapolis’ Tony Dungy. His now famous mantra, “You Play to Win The Game,” was one of the most lasting memories of the 2002 NFL season and became the Jets’ rallying cry for their remarkable second half of the season comeback, turning a tumultuous 2-5 start into a stretch where the Jets captured seven of their last nine games and earned the division title.

Full Interview Part 1
Full Interview Part 2
Full Interview Part 3

Big Time Guys
Fourth Quarter
Knight Wesley
Make Them One
Mike Is Coming
They Put The
Not Very Good

Jim Larranaga

George Mason Coach Jim Larranaga

Build a Program

Fun Season

On Coaching

On Focussing



The Suns

vs Witchita State

Chris Berman

ESPN's Chris Berman joined Nick on the Headgames Radio Show. Here are some Highlights.
Full Interview

On the Steelers

On ESPN's Impact

On the Superbowl
On Seattle & Carolina

Clark Hunt

Kansas City Chiefs Owner and Chairman

   Full Interview  

Peter Vidmar

A member of the US Olympic Hall of Fame, Peter Vidmar won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal in gymnastics at the 1984 Olympic Games.



What Matters Most

Lester Munson

Investigative Sports Writer features in sports illustrated

   Parent Phenomenon
   Knight Daughters  
   Family Win Loss  


Picabo Street

Olympian Picabo Street joined Nick recently on the Headgames Radio show. Here are some quick clips from the interview.

on Technology & Athletes

on Dealing with Hype

Street as a Coach


Louis Csoka

Louis S. Csoka, President & Founder of Apex Performance, has designed, developed, and implemented Leadership Development programs with primary focus on sustained peak performance.

On Soldiers

On Confidence

Confidence in the Face of Instability
Cowboys and Panthers Game
NFL Weekly Best and Worst

Tom Jackson

ESPN NFL Prime Times' Tom Jackson, one of the most thoughtful commentators on sports, joined us to talk about the essence of the Youth Sports Experience.

On Youth Sports

On the Spotlight Effect

On Attitude

On NFL Fight
On coaches dealing with the press and players

Tom Flores

Former Seahawks General Manager / Head Coach and Super Bowl Champion Raiders coach Tom Flores

Davis and Football


Oakland's Line


Randy Moss
Rick Gosselin and Tom Flores
Rick Gossilen Tom Flores and Franco Harris

Bill Romanowski

Four-time Super Bowl linebacker Bill "Romo" Romanowski

Romo as Head Coach

On Intimidation

On the Seahawks

On the Two Jakes

Dennis Eckersley

Star reliever Dennis Eckersley

On Pressure


From starter to closer
Playoff Coaching and Pitching

Segment 1

Norm Stewart

The first player selected to the Missouri Basketball Hall of Fame as both a coach and a player.

Florida Men

UCLA off Drought

Women's NCAA Hoop

Career Reflections

On Florida

Coaches vs. Cancer

Picking UCLA


Shawn Estes

MLB Pitcher Shawn Estes
On Hits Recovery
Know You Are Healed
Tough Rep


Dr. Richard Ginsburg

Co-author of ‘Whose Game Is It Anyway?’ and faculty member at Harvard Medical School


College Failure

Ian's Confidence

On Hingis Williams

Key Values


Use of Sports

Young Athletes

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