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This is very important testimony before Senator John McCain’s Senate Committee on Indian Affairs (Special Hearing on Education) on June 16, 2005
As Acting Chairman of the National Fund for Excellence in American Indian Education




James Kreindler
Chairman of the Plaintiff’s Committee suing Libyan terrorists, and Co Chair of the 9/11 Plaintiffs suing the financiers of Al Quaeda on Justice Under Extreme Pressure: The Bombing of Pan Am/ Lockerbie and 9/1111
Full Show

Gov Effectiveness



The Indicted



Headgames Golf
~ with thanks to the Kostis/McCord Learning Center


Gary McCord

Full Interview

McCord as a NFL Coach

Father Figure

Tiger Woods and Confidence


Peter Kostis


Rider Cup

Rose Colored

Tiger Capital

Fear of Failure

Tiger and Putting

Tiger's Swing

Strength and Speed

Bob Rotella
Having Fun

A Rod

PGA Who's Hot

T. Owens


Len Dawson's Monday Morning QB

Team and Injury

KC vs Denver Recap

Denver's Future

Avoiding Safety

Philly RB

Giants No Huddle

Playing Incomplete

Chiefs WR

Chiefs Roster



OK vs KC




Top Leadership Pearls

Rocky Bleier

Pittsburgh Steeler Legend Rocky Bleier

Super Bowl Year

The Comeback


Vietnam Short


James Welch

CEO of Yellow Transportation and NASCAR racing team

The Crash




John Demartini

Dr Demartini, international speaker, author and business consultant, is reshaping modern psychology and business philosophy. He is the founder of The Demartini Foundation and The Concourse of Wisdom School, one of the worlds largest personal and professional development organizations, and as a retired chiropractor, researcher, writer and philosopher, his studies have made him a leading expert in health and human potential.
 Fundamental Conflict  

Jonathan Alter
Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter, Senior writer and NBC political analyst.

–Author of “THE DEFINING MOMENT - FDR's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Frank Maguire 
If you have ever Fed Ex-ed a package, watched Ted Koppel on TV, flown American airlines or eaten at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, then Frank MaGuire has touched you"


A Message To T.O.

Tone of Voice

Jack Canfield 
Chicken Soup for the Soul's World-Renowned author Jack Canfield

Sustain Behavior

Self Esteem


Growing Up

Dreams Evolve




Peter Roby from the Center for the Study of Sport in Society and Fred Engh from the National Alliance for Youth Sports on the strange and sad case of

Maurice Clarett
Engh on Accountability

Engh on Achilles

Roby - Nurture the Young

MP3 "Quotables"
Instructions for listening to HGR mp3's: For best performance, save the MP3 to your hard drive by right clicking on the link of the show you would like to hear and choose "Save target as" or "Save link as". Save to a folder on your hard drive and then use your MP3 program to listen. WARNING: These are large files. Broadband connection recommended

  Louis Csoka on Soldiers   Bill Adams on the Super Bowl
  Tony Richardson on Playoffs   Seth Joyner Picks Steelers
  Jim Tunney on Herman Edwards   Gary McCord on the Mind of a Closer

  Phil Mahre Silver to Gold

  Chris Berman on ESPN's Impact

Len Dawson on Dick Vermeil

  Glenn Cadrez Advice to Holmgren

Charles Mann on retirement

Marcus Allen on Top 3 Running Backs

Phil Simms on fathers and sons

Len Dawson on Patriots

Larry Weisman on Tiki Barber

Barkley on Black Leaders

Peter Roby on Dungy

Barkley on Politics

Len Dawson on Dick Vermeil

Barkley on Cooperation



Nick featured on ABC News

Nick Kicks for Letterman

Ted Koppel interviews Nick Lowery during the '87 NFL Strike.

High Resolution | Low Resolution

Nick Interviews Dante Hall

Nick Kicking for Chiefs vs. Packers

Nick Interview Priest Holmes

Nick's High Impact Speaking
If you are interested in having Nick speak to your group, here's a recent speech to Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association

High Resolution | Low Resolution

Homelessness & The Power of One - Narrated by Nick Lowery

Nick's Testimony Before the Committee on Indian Affairs - August 11, 2002


Images of Nick and Company in Iraq


Nick's Favorites: Some of our best shows

These are some of Nick's favorite shows.  Shows are provided in their entirety. To download, right click on the date and select "Save As".




02-06-06 LT Gen. Chiarelli LT General Pete Chiarelli, Commander of all land forces in Iraq!
02-03-06 Misc. Headgames Broadcast from Iraq


Clark Hunt
Nolan Harrison
Nolan Harrison on the "business side" of the NFL
Clark Hunt on the KC Chiefs Ownership


Marv Levy Discussion on Adversity


Dan Manucci
Dan O'Brien
Mac Newton
Mark Schmidt
Discussion on Steroids


Dan Manucci
Emmit Smith
Dr. Andrew Jacobs
Andre Reed
Emmit Smith on retirement & adversity, confidence first championship
Andre Reed on losing and rebounding


Dr. Andrew Jacobs
Dan O' Brien
Jerry Kramer
Len Dawson
Len Dawson on confidence/playing all out and championship stories


Dr. Andrew Jacobs

Gene Upshaw (NFL Players Association Executive Director)

Politics of sports free agents & revenue / salary cap
Changes in the game from past negative media
Gene Upshaw on his experience



Ex-kicker brings fresh air to air - Arizona Republic, February 4th, 2006

USA Today article on Byron White - by Nick Lowery


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